The journey: history of a brand name

It will never work...

The journey of Fioravante Piovesana (the founder still active in the Company) had an intellectual, nearly pioneering meaning. He conceived ideas and thought of market destinations which sounded bizarre and nearly impossible when you are the first to propose and start them….

... instead it worked!

In a short time, Camelgroup became a point of reference for its’ capacity to gather and coordinate the artisanal capabilities of the region.

Camelgroup gave productive coherence, communicative and marketing strength to a range of furniture component manufacturers who, by themselves, would never have stepped outside the country borders.

Adaptability to the markets and their requirements, flexibility and attention to customer needs have gradually become the added value of Camelgroup. The journey of our company has been one of continuous growth, becoming a point of reference for unexplored and previously inaccessible markets.

Today, Camelgroup employs over 40 people working in 25,000m2 of factories.

The GOLD collection

The time from the preparation and mailing of the first catalogues to the commencement of production was swift. In 1985 the product line Gold was born, orientated towards the Middle East and later to the North American markets.

Today, the GOLD collection is requested by clients who appreciate its baroque styling. Architects and designers utilise individual elements to insert focal points and interest to modern and minimalist interiors.

The Camelgroup name becomes synonymous with the production of Classic Italian furniture

In 2000 the Classic line establishes itself as the driving force within Russian and Eastern European countries via the opening of 15 Camelgroup flagship stores.

The winning introduction of the MODUM contemporary line

The release of Modum, featuring more minimalistic and contemporary forms and aesthetics, was fundamental in the development of new markets.
Today MODUM is at core of our R&D, the driver of our production and the line which is most in demand in global markets.

SEDIALUX, an important new entry to the Camelgroup world

In 2015, via the acquisition of a furniture partner, Camelgroup increased its productive potential. The acquisition of Sedialux, allowed us to produce internally all of the chairs and coordinated articles required by each of our product lines. We can now offer a wide range of furniture and complements to completely furnish your home.

Beyond the dates: the journy of the furniture

There is another type of “journey” which indicates, like a red thread, the history of Camelgroup: the journey of the furniture produced in our factory to the final customer. The movement of each product is also the transfer of an idea. We take care of every aspect of packaging and delivery to ensure that this voyage does not become an Odyssey. Delivery should be punctual, consistent and damage free.

Over the years we have continually learnt from any mistakes, solving problems and improving our procedures. Today, working with Camelgroup means accessing a streamlined, smoothly functioning and reliable service.

Come and join our history